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Nupanap is a Toronto based multi media artist. Through the power of art and technology, his vision is to modify public space by creating immersive experiences that alter daily commutes.

After years of working as a music composer, sound designer and QA Analyst for multiple video game companies in Montreal, Nupanap established in Toronto to pursue a passion of materializing ideas by unifying digital and physical mediums.


Interactive, immersive experiences

Combining storytelling and audiovisual technologies to generate alternative spaces, enticing visitors to participate and become part of each installation.

Sound Design

With over 7 years of experience developing sound design and music scores for video games, TV and theater, every Nupanap project includes top notch audio engineering to transport the listener.

Concept Creation & Storytelling

Ideas are the top priority. Each project goes through a brainstorming and structuring process to accurately fit the context, purpose and impact of each creation.

Programming & Technology

Software and hardware play a key role in making a believable narrative. Nupanap projects use a vast set of tools and techniques, ranging from projection mapping and 3D printing, to app development in Unity 3D and interactivity tools using Touch Designer.

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