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Featured at:

Toronto Light Festival 2018

Hullmark Gallery (Ossington & Queen)

Concept And Technology:





Milli is a window installation, consisting of a projection in a multiple panel arrangement.  

2018’s shiny and colorful edition of the Toronto Light Festival featured one of the first original Nupanap pieces: Milli! Milli was humbly sitting alongside a roster of wonderful artists from all over the world, all of which have made this edition of the festival a very special and unique experience that keeps improving and drawing a larger audience every year.

An ode to life in perpetual motion and change, Milli is a multi panel projection featured as a window installation. Projected objects are constantly changing, never repeating in size and shape.

This piece was created with the support and collaboration of DesignbyNuff and Natech.


Milli Pics
Milli_1 (2)
Milli 3
Milli 2

As presented at: Toronto Light Festival 2018

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