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Featured at:

Ontario Place -

Winter Light Exhibition 2018

2017 by Nuff & Nupanap

Nuff - Conception, Design

Nupanap - Technology

Natech_builds - Technology

Porterfield Studios - Structure

Shard is an illuminated, interactive, sculpted crystal.

Shining bright at the Winter Light Exhibition in Ontario Place, Shard is a passive observer and interpreter of its environment. It is and lets be. A conception of winter, this artifact faced the cold winds of Ontario Place’s waterfront for as long as nature accepts its presence.


Shard is a collaboration between Nuff and Nupanap, conceived by the great artistry of Portferfield Studios in Calgary and the technical know how of @natech_builds. Shard was available through winter 2018 at the Winter Light Festival at Ontario Place.


Shard Pics

As presented at: Winter Light Exhibition at Ontario Place

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