Curling en Lumiere

 Featured at:

Montréal en Lumière 2017

Created by:

 L’Équipe Spectra - Installation / Rig

Iregular - Interactivity & Design

Lüz Studio - Lighting

Nupanap: Sound design and audio programming.


Curling en Lumière was an outdoor installation based on Curling, but with a futuristic, arcade vibe! 

A collaboration between  L’Équipe Spectra,  Iregular , Lüz Studio and Nupanap, this arcade style installation was set as an outdoor attraction open to the public at the Montréal en Lumières festival 2017. Music and sound effects were created and programmed by Nupanap in order to create an immersive experience, combining the elements of an exciting arcade and the precision of a curling game.


A family friendly experience that lit up the festival and brought smiles to casual passer-by's!



As presented at: Montreal en Lumiere 2017

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